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Elevation Logo Rotated GreenThis is the part where we tell you all about how amazing we are. In reality this is the part where you start thinking, “why am I here?”

That’s the important question; knowing what it is you’re looking for. As a prospective client of Elevation Search Marketing, chances are that the main reason why you’ve come looking for SEO services is simple: You’re looking to get more customers and leads through visibility in Google.

Most of our clients have great businesses. You’re probably really good at what you do, but the trouble is that not enough people know that. And what you’re struggling with, is how to share with enough people how great your product or services are in a way that generates profit.

This is the key to growing your business. Visibility.

You might have a website, or a social media page, but if no one can find you online, these resources are almost useless. Our job is to help put your business in the spotlight – because once people can see you, then they can see how your business can help.

Like you, we’re really good at what we do. You found this site right? That wasn’t dumb luck or magic. It was work. It was applying understanding of how search engines operate. And it was accomplished by executing exactly the same strategies as those we’re offering to apply on your behalf today.

We can turn your web presence into a lead generating lighthouse, and we’ll do it in a way that the largest search engines respect and reward. We’ll get you more Visibility.

We accomplish this by building your Authority.

Authority is a combination of two things: Trust, and Reputation. Search engines respond to Authority by giving you more Visibility. In your business community, you have probably generated plenty of authority, but what we build for you is ONLINE Authority.

get more online visibility with seoWe can accomplish this with a targeted campaign that produces authoritative content that is specific to your industry. We dont simply pollute the internet with your keywords and links to your site. Thiis will get you slapped by the search engines. The reason our customers continue to break monthly profits is because we build our client’s campaigns for the long-term, without ever using short-term strategies to try and game the search engines.

What does all this mean? It means that when you partner with Elevation Search Marketing, you’re getting another team member that’s dedicated to your vision and success. It means that we can strategically get you the Visibility you deserve. By pioneering new methods, they have found success where others have failed. We are about being transparent with customers and getting results. When other SEO agencies refuse to stand behind their claims – unlike most other companies, we guarantee results.

Bottom line is that we excel at delivering substantial value for our clients and promise professional services backed by results.

The Elevation Team

Todd Warren

Todd Warren

Owner, Elevation Search Marketing

A faithful follower of Jesus Christ, a husband of 13 years to his beautiful wife Molly, and a proud father of two. Todd found success in the internet marketing space when he transformed his health and began to inspire others online with his journey. With over 5,000 clients in the health/fitness niche, Todd found a passion for creating valuable content and promoting that content using SEO strategies. Todd now leverages his skills in Search Engine Optimization to turn client websites into revenue producing machines.

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